Education is not the same thing as learning

Education is an industrial system Read full article here : Education is an industrial systemIt’s a system that’s often mandatory. It’s based on command and control and compliance. It processes humans and seeks to get them to conform. It involves tests and other units of measurement, and if you’re defective, it processes you again. Not justContinue reading “Education is not the same thing as learning”

Scotiabank construction report says Canadians to spend record $53B on renos in 2015

 For the first time, Canadians will spend as much money fixing up old homes as building new ones  The federal government isn’t the only one spending on construction projects of late, as Scotiabank said Wednesday that Canadians will spend a record $53 billion this year on home renovations. Read Full Article Here

Paris Conference will have impact on buildings

Paris, a popular city being uttering by many people these days.

Check out what the the Paris UN Climate Conference “COP21”

10 Laws of Productivity

Yet another interesting article on PRODUCTIVITY! Although some of these points are fairly obvious and others may be difficult to introduce to our daily routines, the important element to remember is that everyone is UNIQUE. Whether you are a professional or an entrepreneur, we each have to CUSTOMIZE our own Laws of Productivity. Check outContinue reading “10 Laws of Productivity”

3 Essential Things to Achieve Success (Hard Work Is Not One of Them)

Good day to all, Here is another interesting article on being the best you can be and reaching success. All require a lot of work and self-dedication. My personal rule of thumb, there is no easy way to get better at what we do. Read the article here: 3 Essential Things to Achieve Success (HardContinue reading “3 Essential Things to Achieve Success (Hard Work Is Not One of Them)”