The square-foot price most contractors will give you? My only advice is to read carefully between the line and develop a strict-concise and detailed scope of work to avoid cost overruns. Read Article Here | Builder Online

3 Essential Things to Achieve Success (Hard Work Is Not One of Them)

Good day to all, Here is another interesting article on being the best you can be and reaching success. All require a lot of work and self-dedication. My personal rule of thumb, there is no easy way to get better at what we do. Read the article here: 3 Essential Things to Achieve Success (HardContinue reading “3 Essential Things to Achieve Success (Hard Work Is Not One of Them)”

How To Find The Right Construction Project Manager

Ever wonder who you should hire to manage your construction project, home renovations or repairs? Who can I trust? Are they experienced enough? Do they have my interests at heart? Can they save me money? Click below to read an interesting article outlining some tips everyone should use to find the best candidate.