Paris Conference will have impact on buildings

Paris, a popular city being uttering by many people these days.

Check out what the the Paris UN Climate Conference “COP21”


Canada is ditching its manufacturing jobs and replacing them with jobs building condos. “Canada has brilliantly adopted the Chinese economic growth strategy — all real estate, all the time,” investment banker and Globe and Mail columnist Scott Barlow recently Tweeted. Read Full Article Here

Elevated Bonaventure Expressway to become “Champs Elysees”

In Montreal, sections of the elevated Place Bonaventure expressway are being dismantled to be replaced by a nine-lane urban boulevard. What do you think about this development?? Read Full Article Here

31 Engineering Mistakes That Make You Wonder Who Gave Them Engineering Degrees

Good Evening to all, I came across and interest post on Wonderful Engineering  illustrating engineering mistakes. Sometimes hilarious but sometimes sad. What do you think is the cause of these engineering design mistakes other than idiocy? My question would be, are these real situations or real engineering mistakes?