I have people constantly asking me how I keep my busy mind at ease. The answer to this is ever changing. It takes practice, intention and mindfulness. Engineer, construction project management, my hobby is photography, family and friends, and lastly Entrepreneurship at GICAR WORKS. We often hear the following: “This day flew by” “I don’tContinue reading “THE MEANINGFUL DAY BY JOHNNY GICAR”

Education is not the same thing as learning

Education is an industrial system Read full article here : Education is an industrial systemIt’s a system that’s often mandatory. It’s based on command and control and compliance. It processes humans and seeks to get them to conform. It involves tests and other units of measurement, and if you’re defective, it processes you again. Not justContinue reading “Education is not the same thing as learning”


A short & sweet blog post on an eye opening documentary. Living on One Dollar is a film and journey that follows our own experience living on $1 a day for two months in rural Guatemala. Visit Living On One Website & watch the documentary on Netflix Watch the Trailer Don’t forget to visit outContinue reading “LIVING ON ONE DOLLAR”


The square-foot price most contractors will give you? My only advice is to read carefully between the line and develop a strict-concise and detailed scope of work to avoid cost overruns. Read Article Here | Builder Online

Scotiabank construction report says Canadians to spend record $53B on renos in 2015

 For the first time, Canadians will spend as much money fixing up old homes as building new ones  The federal government isn’t the only one spending on construction projects of late, as Scotiabank said Wednesday that Canadians will spend a record $53 billion this year on home renovations. Read Full Article Here

Inflation Hits Heavy Equipment Prices

A survey of ENR’s Top 600 Specialty Contractors this fall reveals significant price inflation for heavy equipment and commercial vehicles over the past five years. Some respondents attribute the change to higher costs associated with equipping diesel engines with the latest emission controls. Of the 519 responding firms, nearly 92% reported facing higher purchase pricesContinue reading “Inflation Hits Heavy Equipment Prices”

Paris Conference will have impact on buildings

Paris, a popular city being uttering by many people these days.

Check out what the the Paris UN Climate Conference “COP21”


Canada is ditching its manufacturing jobs and replacing them with jobs building condos. “Canada has brilliantly adopted the Chinese economic growth strategy — all real estate, all the time,” investment banker and Globe and Mail columnist Scott Barlow recently Tweeted. Read Full Article Here

Elevated Bonaventure Expressway to become “Champs Elysees”

In Montreal, sections of the elevated Place Bonaventure expressway are being dismantled to be replaced by a nine-lane urban boulevard. What do you think about this development?? Read Full Article Here

The Underground City

Montreal’s underground city hosts everything a modern city needs – composed of 20 miles (32 km) of underground tunnels over an area of 5 square miles (12 square km). It consists of housing, schools, shopping center and public transportation. Are you interesting in knowing where the 5 million square mile underground city that can hostContinue reading “The Underground City”

Inside the Ferrari Factory: The Mechanical Workshop

Whether you are a Ferrari fan, a car fanatic or just simply interested in ingenuity and innovation, this is an article you must definitely check out. The images below give an inside look at the 15,000 square meter Ferrari factory mechanical workshop building, designed by french architect jean nouvel and renovated to match the improvements inContinue reading “Inside the Ferrari Factory: The Mechanical Workshop”

The Secret Life of The Aluminum Can, A Feat of Engineering

Have you ever thought about what goes into making a can of your favorite soft drink, juice, or beer? “The people of the world go through 180 billion aluminum beverage cans a year; enough to build dozens of towers to the moon.” Here are some things we should be thinking about while enjoying of favoriteContinue reading “The Secret Life of The Aluminum Can, A Feat of Engineering”

Shipping Containers Converted Into Student Housing

Project by property management company Citiq turned shipping containers into student housing in Brixton. A rejuvenation project that add life and character to a metropolitan city hosting thousands of international students. Can this be a possible in Montreal? Read the article Here

Premium Price for Gas in Montreal… Regardless!

As the price of crude oil plummets below $50/barrel, Montreal gas consumers all still paying the price. Have you ever wondered why Quebecers will NEVER get a ‘break’ on gas prices? A couple months back, we were stuck in a bad situation when prices sky rocketed to almost $1.50/litre. Now, that price of oil isContinue reading “Premium Price for Gas in Montreal… Regardless!”

10 Laws of Productivity

Yet another interesting article on PRODUCTIVITY! Although some of these points are fairly obvious and others may be difficult to introduce to our daily routines, the important element to remember is that everyone is UNIQUE. Whether you are a professional or an entrepreneur, we each have to CUSTOMIZE our own Laws of Productivity. Check outContinue reading “10 Laws of Productivity”