My Story

 My civil and structural engineering background has taken me on a path of project management of diverse assignments, ventures and projects. These projects ranged from a $1,000 budget to over $450 million dollars projects. My clients range from oil companies, to real estate developers, financial and education institutions, governmental identities, and high profiles corporations. The complexity of some of these projects were mind wrenching. I was subjected to many sleepless nights, 20-hour work days and endless 7-day work weeks. However, over my 12 years of managing major projects, I have come to realize the most complex undertaking in any project is PEOPLE MANAGEMENT.  

By people management, this does not only mean “other people” – most importantly this includes “me”

This is the main reason why I decided to start helping professionals and ambitious individuals that have that hunger within them, but sometimes feel overwhelmed. 

Do you love what you do?

Do you want to reach new goals?

Project management is very similar to the way we manage ourselves. We have goals and objectives, schedule deadlines, financial restrictions, time management, and deliverables – all in which we encounter in our own personal lives.


Let’s build something together.