Premium Price for Gas in Montreal… Regardless!

As the price of crude oil plummets below $50/barrel, Montreal gas consumers all still paying the price. Have you ever wondered why Quebecers will NEVER get a ‘break’ on gas prices?

A couple months back, we were stuck in a bad situation when prices sky rocketed to almost $1.50/litre. Now, that price of oil is dropping….and guess what? …. We are still paying the highest across Canada.

I’ve been researching the subject and asking myself a lot of questions. In conclusion, whether the price of crude oil rises or drops to below $10 per barrel, us Montrealers will always pay the premium price. As long a we reside in the province of Quebec, we will never catch a ‘break’ on consumer goods.

After researching, here are some facts I have obtained from news articles and economics “people”

The blame ….

  1. Higher Taxes
  2. A week Canadian Dollar
  3. Seasonal Effects
  4. Rising Taxes

“On average, the price in Montreal without taxes is less than in Toronto or in Calgary for example,” said Sonia Marcotte, president and CEO of the Quebec Association Of Independent Petroleum Marketers.

Read more: CTV News – Taxes Partly to blame for Quebec’s Higher Gas Prices

OIl Chart


Montreal Gas Prices – 107.9 ¢/litre

Ottawa Gas Prices – 86.9 ¢/litre

Toronto Gas Prices – 89.9 ¢/litre

Windsor Gas Prices – 85.4 ¢/litre

Winnipeg Gas Prices – 79.4 ¢/litre

Calgary Gas Prices – 77.9 ¢/litre

Vancouver Gas Prices – 102.9 ¢/litre

Fredericton Gas Prices – 85.9 ¢/litre

Saint John NB Gas Prices – 92.9 ¢/litre



Below you will find a comparison of Montreal and Toronto gas prices in a chart format.

The Full Article can be found here: CBC News – Gas Prices Across Canada


ch.gaschart to


My Solution to this NON-SENSE….


but wait…. Can we clear up the nasty potholes across the island of Montreal?




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